Sun Lotus Karmic Work

Volunteering and Sadhana

"The joy one receives promoting other people's bliss is incomparable."

Work with us in exchange for room and meals, and enjoy the benefits of staying with others who share an interest in yoga.

The work consists of a wide variety of maintenance, building, gardening, landscaping, cleaning and organizing, often using creative or unconventional means, as we strive to avoid consumerism, commercialism and aim to be earth-friendly.


Supporting new teachers or the development of new programs, by offering free-space with willing participants.

Spread your teacher's wings!  Teach 1-2 times daily in a supported, forgiving environment to an intimate group of  willing practitioners who can help you explore new directions & techniques with sincere feedback. Take advantage of  free time in this nurturing sanctuary to research and develop new program with our extensive yogic library & resources.

Teaching time is counted as part of the karmic work exchange.

Work-Exchange Rates:

1 hour+$60--includes 2 meals

2 hours+$45--includes  2meals

3 hours+$35--includes 3 meals.  Looking for longer term? Check out the 2 for 1 Special:

3hr karma work-stay for under $29/day--2people/1week, or 1 person for 2 weeks

 Further information

Sun Lotus maintains an ever-expanding yogic library. We create healthy, international-vegetarian food mostly sourced from our organic garden, incorporating other organic foods when possible.

 If you are interested in our karmic package, please send us an email with details of your skills and desired time frame.


Please note, positions are limited and must be secured in advance by non-refundable deposit.


"A wave of service, if it swept over the land, would be able to wipe off the mounds of hate, malice and greed that infest today's world."